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New !! Product Realeased(see in header),Courses in Laravel PHP, AI and Machine Learning.

Software Products

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IT Projects

We at slekin translate project specifications from software and systems engineers into a script of logical instructions that computers can understand and interpret into functioning programs. Essentially, computer programmers make computer systems and applications work.

To be successful in programming one must be fluent in a range of programming languages, as each language has a specific set of strengths, limitations and real-world applications, and multiple languages are used in tandem to create powerful multifaceted programs. For example, Facebook is coded using PHP, JavaScript, CSS & XHP for the frontend; C, C++ & Java for the backend; Erlang for Facebook chat; and Objective-C & Java for Facebook's iPhone & Android apps respectively.

Slekin is here to provide best in class software development services to our customers. We provide software development service, android application, and application that can run on cloud platform.

Our Products

Financial Management System

Financial Management System(FMS)

  • Modules
  • 1. Splash Screen
    2. Master
    3. Transaction
    4. Reports
  • Autobackup and manual backup
  • Multi language(currently Kannada, English)
  • Various possible report and filter
  • Excel Export
  • User friendly interface
Warehouse Inventory Managment Software

Warehouse Inventory Managment Software(Cloud/Desktop Application)

  • Simplified Inventory Management
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Avoid stock-outs and excess stock
  • Quality Management
  • Balancing Supply and Demand
  • Inventory Reports
  • Serial-number tracking

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